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Valentine’s day dinner before sex

What do you expect to give to your partner on Valentine day?

A cosy romantic evening at home, or in a restaurant?

What makes a cosy, romantic evening?

Drink? A dinner? Sex?

Well I tried to make a Valentine day menu which provides a cosy evening with your partner.

Probably this dinner will end up in bed, hence it is important to choose the right ingredients.

My dinner will strengthen your sexual desires.

Don’t forget to prepare something to nibble after sex.

Before sex dinner


Put away your dry wine snobbery.

Choose sweet prosecco or champagne with sweet fruits.

Put up your prosecco with a dash of Chambord black raspberry liquor and strawberries.


Avocado snd strawberry salad

Avocado is an excellent aphrodisiac. Avocado and strawberry salad with sweet dressing.

I used vinegar with pomegranate syrup and honey to make a nice dressing.

Recipe here

Fish or seafood

Lobster in tomato sauce

Recipe here


Chocolate is a very good aphrodisiac.

Make a dessert with chocolate and egg. A chocolate flan or creme brulée.

Recipe here

After sex nibbles

Mexican seafood sauté with avocado and mango


Recipe here

Fruit salad

Mixed fruits like figs, grapes, strawberries, pomegranate seeds, orange segments, ripe bananas. The dressing may be honeyed yoghurt or honey syrup made with lemon juice.

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