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Coeur á la creme with passionfruit coulis


Very tasty, protein rich sweet treat for dieters.

Gives 4 portions.


250 g ricotta

2 tbsp condensed milk

2 tbsp orange curd

180 g double cream whipped

2 g gelatine

Passion fruit coulis

2 passion fruits

4-6 oranges


Mix together the ricotta, curd, condensed milk, whipped cream.

Soak the gelatine in cold water.

With a splash of water in a tiny bowl microwave the soaked gelatine on low for 30 minutes or so.

Add a little cream to the gelatine and mix well.

Add the mixture to the rest of the cream, mix well.

Line the coeur moulds with wet muslin cloth and spoon the mixture in the moulds.

Refrigerate for two hours at least.

Prepare the passion fruit coulis.

Squeeze the oranges and the passion fruits.

Save the seeds to decorate your dessert.

In pan bring to the boil and boil to reduce the juice by 1/3.

Let the juice cool, refrigerate until servicing.

Unmold the dessert, decorate with coulis and arrange a few seeds on top.



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