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Apricot-curd-semolina crumble cake

In this recipe I used semolina instead of flour.

Semolina is better than flour, it takes much longer time to digest, hence it’s healthier than flour.

In July, in the season of apricot in my summer allotment I collected the harvest from my trees.

The sweet apricot and curd goes very well together.

This home style, country style sweet is very easy and fast to make.

And it’s very easy to eat. I frequently have this kind of sweetie​ for breakfast with my chocolate protein smoothie.

This time I used a 12 hole cup cake baking tray. I lined the holes with baking parchment.


200 ml sugar

2 sachet vanillin sugar

200 ml fine semolina

1 tbsp butter

1/2 sachet baking powder

500 g ricotta

300 ml milk

3 eggs

500 g apricot, peeled, halved, stoned


I used a clever Hungarian technique to prepare semolina. We use this when we prepare broad pasta with semolina and jam.

In this dish to avoid the semolina to be hard between your teeth, we cook it in little water.

Preheat the oven to 180 C°.

In a hot pan melt butter and add the semolina. Stirring continuously fry the semolina until light golden. Add a little milk, a few tablespoons. Mix and cover the pan and  cook the semolina until it’s soft and cooked. Try to evaporate all  the moisture to have an almost dry crumb-like consistency.

Let it cool to room temperature.

Mix the cooked semolina, sugar, baking powder. Butter the tray.

Line every hole with baking parchment. Or, you can use paper cups.

Spoon 1 tbsp semolina mixture on the bottom of every cup. Arrange evenly.

Arrange the curd spoon by spoon evenly on the base.

2 sachet of vanillin sugar comes divided between the cups evenly, then arrange the apricot slices over.

Use soft apricots. If your apricots are hard it’s advisable to cook them in a little syrup to get them soft.

I love it with lots of apricot! So, be generous with yourself!

Mix the milk and the eggs and pour evenly on the surface.

With a fork help the milk mixture spread and soak evenly.

Bake for 25-50 minutes or until the top becomes  golden.

Let it cool to room temperature and serve.

Serve it with coffee, eat it with dessert fork or with bare fingers.

You can’t stop eating it! Believe me!


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