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Peaches passionfruit banana protein smoothie


I use Myprotein whey protein powder.


1 ripe peach

1 passion fruit

1 serving banana whey  protein powder

400 ml milk


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Moroccan chicken skewers with mixed salad in 10 minutes



2 chicken breasts cut into one inch pieces.

1/2 sachet of Maggi moroccan chicken spice

1 tbsp 0 % fat greek yoghurt

1 tbsp ginger garlic paste

1 tbsp olive oil


Mix the chicken pieces with marinade ingredients.

Cover and leave in the fridge.

Put the chicken pieces onto skewers and place under the hot grill. 5 minutes on both sides should be enough.

Serve with mixed green salad.

Hot peppery Moroccan flavours go with sweet flavoured salads. For example green salad with mango lemon dressing.

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Grilled black pepper chicken tikka with broccoli and quick ranch dressing


This is a very fast lunch or dinner.

It takes only 10 minutes under the grill to get it done.

If you prepare your marination job well ahead, this will save you time when you’re very hungry.


2 chicken breasts cut into one inch pieces

For the marinade

3 tbsp yoghurt

1 tbsp ginger garlic paste

1 green chili chopped

1 tbsp lemon juice

Salt and black pepper

1/4 tsp ground cardamom

Sugar as your taste


Mix the ingredients of the marinade and with a stick blender make a smooth purée.

Cut the chicken into one inch pieces, and mix with the marinade.

Cover and leave it in the fridge until usage.

Start your stopwatch!

Turn on your grill.

Soak four wooden skewers in water.

Take the box of your marinated chicken out of the fridge. Thread 3-4 pieces on two skewers. The skewers must shape a V, the same shape, when you have your pair of chopsticks in your hand when you eat chinese.

For twenty grams of protein use one breast, for more, use two.

What would you like to eat with this black pepper flavoured chicken?

Broccoli, or green beans?

It’s very easy to prepare broccoli bites in microwave oven in 3 minutes. Put as many florets of broccoli into a small plastic box, close and place it into your oven for 3 minutes on 75%.

When the grill is ready, put the skewers over a small tray and place under the grill for 5 minutes on each side.

The micro has just rung the bell, take out the broccoli, open the box carefully (beware of the steam!!!) and scatter with coarse sea salt.

If you like, add a small bowl of 0% fat yoghurt dressing to your broccoli.

Or, if you have bought tzatziki in your fridge, use it!

You find a few yoghurt dressings here.


Turn the skewers for the next 5 minutes.

Prepare the yoghurt dressing.

1 tbsp 0 % fat yoghurt

1 tsp mayonnaise

salt, black pepper

1/2 tsp vinegar

1/4 tsp garlic powder

1-2 tbsp chopped chives, mint or parsley

Second ring; your chicken is ready. Take out and leave it until you finish the dressing.

Mix the ingredients of the dressing, there you are!

Serve. Pull the chicken tikkas from the skewers, scatter with crushed black pepper, arrange on a plate with the broccoli and the dressing.

Pinot Gris, Chardonnay or Gewürztraminer will be the best wine with it!



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