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Calzone filled with moroccon apricot and coriander flavoured chicken


To have 20 g protein, you will have to use 100 g minced chicken. An addititional 15 g will come from the calzone,made from 3 eggs.

If you eat with one half serving of apricot yoghurt protein shake, it will give you an additional 10 g of protein.


100 g minced chicken breast

4-5 tbsp apricot coriander sauce (Waitrose)


1 whole egg + 2 egg whites

Salt and black pepper


First prepare the filling.

Brown the cooked minced chicken in a lightly oiled pan.

Add half of the sauce and cook for a few minutes.

Season with salt to your liking.

Put aside.

Mix 1 egg and two egg whites with salt and black pepper.

Make another pan hot, spray a little oil in it and fry an omelette.

When it has set half, spoon the filling onto half of your omelette.

Fold over the other half and place it under a hot grill to finish.

The filling is sweet but pungent, chose something that matches to that flavour.

A green salad with fruits. A green salad with honeyed mustard dressing. Or with only a sweet chilli sauce. Or with its own warmed sauce.

It is excellent with vanilla apricot yoghurt protein drink. Recipe here.


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