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A light supper at Carluccio’s in Milton Keynes

I visited Carluccio’s italian restaurant in Milton Keynes last saturday.

I ordered a starter, “Prawns marinara”, and a dessert “Pere cotte con zafferano e mascarpone”.

The prawns marinara was a warm prawn salad with cherry tomato halves in olive oil dressing. It was served with a slice of grilled italian bread. The warm prawn was warm and the dressing was very well seasoned. It was perfect. I wiped the the last drops of the dressing from the plate with my bread slice.

My prawns marinara recipe is here.

After this came the dessert.

It was a baked or poached pear on the plate in a citrus and saffron flavoured syrup. At the end of the pear there was a sweet mascarpone mountain.

It was very simple and very elegant dessert, I liked it. The only problem with this dessert I had was that it was served with spoons. This dessert requires dessert knife and fork, otherwise the pear will slip out from under your spoon. And imagine what will happen to your dress and the table.

The next day, which was a sunday, I reproduced this dessert.

The recipe is here.

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Seabass papillote at Cafe Rouge in Milton Keynes

Milton Keynes

I visited the town for the first time yesterday.  Well, it is a nice place with modern buildings. On a lovely square surrounded by modern buildings I found a french oriented cafe and restaurant, named Cafe Rouge.

It has a very well designed interior. I was a bit thursty and hungry, and wanted to have something light for supper and wanted to have a little rest after a long walk in the town.

I chose “Seabass en papillote” with new potatoes.

The meal arrived within ten minutes.

In the paper bag I found a piece of seabass fillet with red pepper-tomato sauce. The waitress turned black pepper onto the fish from the peppermill.

First I tasted the red pepper sauce. It gave back the feeling of the mediterranean.

The lobster-dill butter was not dominant on the fish at all.

The fish and the boiled new potatoes were a little undersalted, and there was no salt on the table.

But, all we now, too much salt is not healthy, so I didn’t ask for salt.

In summary, the meal was ok.

On the way back to London, I decided to make my version in my kitchen for sunday lunch, so it was my first thing to go to the TESCO nearby and buy seabass.

My creation is “Seabass baked in bag with spinach” can be read here.

After this I had a cappuccino with a minuture Fondant chocolate cake.

I dont like cappuccino with milk froth, I prefer whipped cream much better, but you can barely have cappuccino this way. The fondant chocolate cake was perfect. The garnish, some cream and mint leaves were totally unnecessary, I discarded them first.

I couldn’t make a better fondant cake myself!

But here I give you my recipe.

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