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Floating raspberries

You will need

Vanilla custard

Sweet raspberries

Raspberry coulis

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Vanilla bavarian cream

I saw this Madagascan vanilla custard cream in the Waitrose.

I thought I would try it.

When I arrived home with it in my bag, I couldn’t resist, I had to open and taste it. Hmmm, to my surprise it was good, very good. Why to bother with making custard at home, when I can buy an excellent product?

This was not pure laziness, it was the result of a careful analysis, ie. buy or make?

The buy side has won!  I decided to make a nice bavarian cream from it.

Read how I made it!


500 ml Madagascan vanilla custard cream from Waitrose

300 ml double cream

1 tbsp sugar

10 gr gelatine soaked

50 ml water


Beat the double cream with a hand held beater with the sugar until it forms soft peaks. Gently fold 1/3 of the cream to the custard in a bowl to loose it. Then fold in the remaining cream, incorporate well.

In the meantime put the soft gelatine together with the water in a bowl to your micro oven for 1 minute. When it is melted, it is ready.

Add a little cream to the gelatine, mix well. Then add the gelatine to your cream incorporate well.

The gelatine will turn the cream mixture a little runny in consistency. Don’t worry, place the bowl to your fridge for a few minutes. When it starts to set and with the touch of your finger you feel that the surface is a little flexible, take it out and use.

You can spread over a pastry in layers, or fill glass dishes as well.



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