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Cake and coffee at Paul’s in London

Today I went out to discover Kensington. I didn’t have any special in my mind, I just wanted to be out in the town.

At Gloucester road station I glanced a boulangerie named Paul.

Earlier I saw one at Victoria station, but they moved. I remember that I had bought a very nice almond tart, but before I could have bought one the second time, they moved.

I became very enthusiastic about having anything there, so I went in.

I ordered a Foret Noir and a Mille feuille. I am fond of cakes like mille feuille and black forest cake, so I wanted one of each.

And I ordered a cappuccino with whipped cream.

Foret Noir


The cake was scrumptious. The sponge was airy, the cream was light and very nice. This cake was perfect.

Mille feuille


The pastry of this mille feuille excellently baked. The cream was a little sweet to me, but it was much better than that I had eaten at the Valerie patisserie. Although I like a little thicker cream between the pastry layers.

The cappuccino was not really good, the sprayed whipped cream “dies” very quickly on top the coffee, it doesn’t look good.

Here is my mille feuille and my Vanilla Napoleon cake

This is the Number One boulangerie in London to me.

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