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Peaches passionfruit banana protein smoothie


I use Myprotein whey protein powder.


1 ripe peach

1 passion fruit

1 serving banana whey  protein powder

400 ml milk


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Burn fat with me 28/04/2016

Good morning!

This is working day again, the last this week.

I am a bit sleepy today morning, so I am gonna have the fastest breakfast today.

A berries smoothie from 7 egg whites, 1/2 cup frozen berries, 1 tbsp xilit. This will give 35 g protein.

Snack at work: Spicy coconut flavoured chicken mince in lettuce. Recipe

L: Mexican flavoured chicken strips with green salad. An alternative to the coronation chicken salad. Recipe


Good night drink: chocolate protein smoothie from 4 egg whites.


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Burn fat with me every day 15/04/2016

Probably the best feedback may come from regular visitors.

I found out that, similarly to reality shows, I will share my daily food with you. This will provide 365 daily recipes. Not every day perfectly new, because in real life good things happen repeadly as well.

Your feedback would motivate me to create more better recipes.

Every day will start with breakfast.

Let’s start today.

At the moment I’m at the airport. I had a serving of Italian chicken salad at the Pret Manger.

15. April. 2016

B: Italian chicken salad at the airport

I checked into my apartment in lunch time. It’s time to eat.

L:  Egg omelette with sardines and raw green salad and chocolate protein shake.

After lunch sight seeing in Verona.

D: Srambled eggs from 3 eggs with 3 fillets of sardines in olive oil

1 serving Choc protein drink


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