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Peaches passionfruit banana protein smoothie


I use Myprotein whey protein powder.


1 ripe peach

1 passion fruit

1 serving banana whey  protein powder

400 ml milk


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Burn fat with me 23/04/2016

Hello again.

Let’s continue our discussion about our war against fat.

It is a war! Believe me.

In a war you need weapons. Heavy weapons.

Your heaviest weapon is protein.

It will

  •    Keep your insulin level down
  •    Increase your testosterone level
  •    Keep your hunger under control

Protein provides only 4,1 calories per gramm.

You must not eat sugar, products made from white flour because they will increase your insulin and that will make you hungry.

And if you are hungry, you will eat. Everything. Without control.

And at this point you have lost the war against the allied forces of fat and your body.

Be very definite!

B: within one hour when you woke up drink a protein smoothie. I keep egg whites in a one litre container. Whenever I need, I just unscrew the lid, take out 200 ml or so, put cocoa powder and xili,t shake and it’s ready to enjoy.

If you don’t feel like doing breakfast, make a smoothie from 6-8 Egg whites.

Today I’m off work,  I prepare something.

Scrambled minced chicken with chopped green chili. Recipe here. And one serving peach flavoured protein shake.

L: I always drink one serving protein smoothie before my main dish.


D: chicken strips grilled with Italian spices and green salad.

Good night drink: Important before you go to sleep. One serving protein smoothie.



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Burn fat with me 22/04/2016

Burning fat is a different mode in your body’s operation.

Your goal is to lose fat isn’t it.

Your body is very smart. And I think about your body, not your mind.

It is programmed to save your life. From cold, from hot, from stress, from everything, from even losing fat.

Fat is very important and precious to your body.

Let’s see the numbers

1 g protein = 4,1 g cal

1 g carbs =4,1 g cal


1 g fat = 9,3 g cal

To burn 1 g fat from your body you have to use 9,3 g energy.

That’s why your body does everything to prevent losing fat.

How can I more smarter than my body to lose fat?

It is a war! It has to be a war!

And you will need a strategy and you will need sources.

Real, big weapons.

Let’s get back to this tomorrow.

Your weapons for today:

B: omelet with veggies from 3 eggs and 1 serving of protein smoothie of your choice.

L: Start your lunch with a shot of 1 serving (3 egg whites) of protein smoothie.

Protein calzone with moroccon apricot and coriander flavoured chicken. Recipe

D: Grilled black pepper chicken tikka with green chilies.

Good night drink: 1 serving protein smoothie.

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