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Festive table in vintage blue


I simply fond of having beautiful vintage tableware.

I believe that the elegant past they have in their appearance make me better in my present days.

These vintage beautiful pieces have seen many beautiful days since they were produced.

Elegant people used to have them, used them and probably liked them.

And they must be happy, I mean these vintage pieces, that I love them too.

I like to combine colours, patterns, even styles if they give a composition good for the eyes.

And I think this composition is one of those eye pleasing ones I am proud of.

The composition’s name is “Vintage Blue”


The dinner plate is a contemporary cobalt blue Wedgewood plate with golden rim.

Either the golden rim and the blue color will tie together the pieces on the table.

The blue snd white china side plate and the cup with the saucer are real vintage pieces.

The back stamp shows they were produced in England in the mid 19th century.

I paired them with stylish silver plated cutlery and cobalt blue glasses.

One for a starter, maybe a shrimp salad, and one for a glass of wine.

They are so beautiful that I say I don’t use them but I wear them.

They are my pride and joy.

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