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Pollo a la Rueda (Chicken breast slices in mushroom and cream sauce)

Chicken breast slices with mushroom in sour cream sauce.

The dish in my favourite Spanish restaurant in London, in Clapham inspired this dish.

It is best with spatzle.


Chicken breast fillets

Flour to dust

Oil to fry

The sauce

1 tbsp chopped Shallots

1 tbsp ginger garlic paste

Mushroom, quartered

Thyme, chopped

50 ml white wine

200 ml chicken stock

2 tbsp tomato paste

2 tbsp sour cream

Salt and black pepper

1 tsp Red chili powder

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Chicken scalloppini with mushrooms



Another chicken-protein dish of my low carb meal plan.

One chicken breast gives 20-25 g protein.

To make it a little complex I made a mushroom sauce with double cream.

I served with steamed cauliflower florets.

If your meal plan allows, you can serve it with 60 g booked rice or 60 g boiled pasta.


2 chicken breast cut horizontally half

Salt and black pepper

Flour to dust

1 cup sliced mushrooms

2 tbsp chopped onion

2 tsp ginger garlic paste

1 tsp thyme

Salt and black pepper

Red chili flakes

1 beef cube

Double cream


Cut the chicken breast half like a papillion. Pound it to the thickness of five millimeter.

Season with salt and black pepper.

Dust with flour.

Fry the chicken in 1-2 tbsp oil for 1 minutes on both sides.

Remove the chicken. On the oil fry the chopped onion with the ginger garlic paste.

Add the mushrooms and fry for 5 minutes.

Add a little water, the beef cube.

Put the chicken scallop into the sauce.

Simmer for five minutes, add cream or sour cream.

Bring to the boil and remove from the heat.



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