Pan fried and grilled savoury seabass fillets

IMG_20151115_125142I saw this dish in an Indian restaurant named Amaya. It has a beautiful buttery flavour. I decided to reproduce.


2 seabass fillets

3 tbsp soft unsalted butter

2 tbsp soft cheese (I found it in my fridge, I thought it wouldn’t do any harm)

1 tbsp coconut cream or desiccated coconut (if you use desiccated coconut, roast it slightly)

1 snall red swert chili paprika deseeded, chopped

1 tbsp garlic paste crushed with the blade of your knife

1/2 lemon juice squeezed

Salt, black pepper to season


Spread the fillets on your chopping board and cut the belly part and discard.

I used salt and black pepper mills to season the fish.

While the fish is having its rest, make the butter.

Mix the ingredients together, season as you like with salt and black pepper.

Put a frying pan on the hob (not on the maximum heat, only 70-80 %).

Heat one tbsp of oil and place the fillets with skin side down.

Fry until the skin becomes crispy. Remove it from the hob and spread the butter generously on the fish.

Put the pan under the grill for 5 minutes.

When it’s ready let it rest for s few minutes and serve.

I served with my favourite baby spinach avocado salad.


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