Lunch in the Amaya restaurant, London

Amaya, the best Indian restaurant of the world.


On one Sunday I had my lunch in the best Indian restaurant in the world.

1st course: Mandarin and goat cheese salad

Rocket lettuce in radicchio boat tossed in balsamic dressing, topped with goat’s cheese and mandarin slices, splashed with the same dressing.

Beautiful salad, sweet starter. Because it’s syrupiness I chose sweet prosecco from the menu.

The dressing was made from balsamic vinegar, it’s sweetness let me the only choice, something sweet.

Most people think that it is blasphemy to drink  sweet wine with other meals than desserts.

Sophistication equals dryness is the prevailing belief.

In my opinion sophistication means choosing the right wine with the right food.

The truth is, that spicy food requires spicy wine, sweet food requires sweet wine.

2nd course: Scallops in coconut ginger sauce

This dish arrived in its shells. The scallop sat in the middle of a green coconut flavoured sauce. The scallops were prepared on hotplate, nicely seared, soft inside. It was perfectly cooked, soft, not chewy at all.

The sauce flavour and the same sweet prosecco played well together.

3rd course: lobster in makhni sauce

The dish arrived in its own shells.


This is a very elegant dish! Its price is elegant too!!

I used to say when I bought my first Mercedes Benz, that if you have a car like this, don’t cry over the bill of petrol.

The shells was cooked under bell on the hotplate. The flesh was cooked seperately with tomato sauce and mayonnaise.

This dish was as sweet as all the dishes we had, so I saw no reason to change my drink. The bubbly sweet prosecco was a good escort to this dish as well. I would have liked to try another sweet or semi sweet wine, but there was only one dessert sweet wine on the menu. Because of the bubbliness of the prosecco I didn’t change.

4nd course: chocolate box

This chocolate mousse square comes with raspberry coulis in its centre.

The bittersweet chocolate mousse and the slightly bitter raspberry coulis go well together.

It was served with raspberry marshmallow on top. To me the Drambuie flavoured rabiri fell far from the chocolate and raspberry flavours. The less would have been more  on the plate and the huge caramel piece on the shot glass was blasphemy.

De gustibus non est disputandum!

To summarize, the lunch was excellent, smoking a chocolate flavoured cigar made the lunch a perfect event of the day.

Highly recommended!


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