Teriyaki salmon with

Beetroot and green salad with balsamic dressing


The salmon was baked or poached (?) in teriyaki sauce. The flavour was sweet and vinegary.

The salmon was soft, flaked. The salad which consisted of beetroot, kale, asparagus, sliced radish was balanced (oil, acids and sugar). The dressing was a balsamic vinegar flavoured dressing.

Beside the salmon piece you can see a few tablespoonful of sliced warm zucchini.

My teriyaki sauce



My favourite is this vanilla cream filled dessert.

But you have to be careful with this dessert in patissierie shop.

The millefeuille pastry might be soaked by the cream, if the cream is not firm enough.

In this cake, the cream had a nice flavour combined with berries, but the pastry was soaked.

And when the pastry is soaked, you cannot cut it nicely; it will smear you plate.

The cream in my millefeuille is much firmer and the pastry remains crispy and can be easily cut.

In summary I liked what I had.

Thank you.

My millefeuille


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