Italian dinner in Vapiano, Soho, London

I work in an indian restaurant as a chef in London.

It has  a very good reputation and and an excellent kitchen.

We run every evening at full house.

But being an europen I was hungry for something that evokes my home.

My son recommended a place in Soho.

An Italian restaurant. It’s name is Vapiano

I said yes instantly, and got excited.

To be honest I prefer cooking home, because our home made dinners are more than a match to restaurant ones.

The whole family sits around the table served with  beautiful Herend chinaware.

But I am ready to enjoy new places and flavours.

The menu we were going to eat was:

Pasta a’la chicken Alfredo

The chef made the dish in front of my eyes.

He heated oil in his wok added 5-6 pieces of chicken breast and stir fried until it got pale, then added garlic. He fried for another minute then added chopped chili. He added a little white wine, seasoned with salt and black pepper.

In the meantime he took a small bag of linguinie from the fridge display behind him and put in a basket to warm up in warm water.

He separated one egg and added the yolk to the chicken. Stired gently to make a smooth sauce-like consistency rather than crambled egg, then added the pasta and tossed with the chicken.

He served in a stylish bowl, grated the parmesan cheese over it, garnished with parsley and I could go.

The pasta was perfectly seasoned but it was a little sticky to me, because of the egg yolk I think (I like it when the pasta runs and you have to be a little skilled to twist around your fork and place on your spoon). The salad was a perfect match to the pasta unlike the cyder I chose (Aspall Suffolk cyder). I should have chosen a glass of wine instead.

Overall it was good, but I have to control the amount of carbohydrates, so I modified the recepie and replaced the pasta with zucchini spaghetti.

Rate: 3 STAR

You can read the recipe below.

Chicken Alfredo with zucchini spaghetti

Insalate mista piccola

This was a simple green lettuce salad (cos, iceberg, gems, radicchio), cherry tomatos, little grated carrots.

It was served with ceasar  dressing.

It was a perfect match for the pasta.

Rate: 4 STAR

Cioccolata foresta nera

The dessert was a trifle served in a short glass and was made with white, milk and dark chocolate mousse, italian sponge. It was ready, the chef took from the fridge display behind him.

The top layer, the white chocolate mousse was a little dry, it should have been kept covered with cling film. The bottom layer was very hard, I couldn’t recognise what it was. The dark and milk chocolate mouuse was light, I liked them.

Overall I liked it although it was a big portion, it was a little heavy so I decided to make a light three choc mousse at home.

Rate: 3 STAR

Three chocolate mousse trifle with sponge

Cappuccino con panna

I closed the dinner with a coffee, I ordered a cappuccino with whipped cream (cappuccino con panna)

The barista was a bit puzzled with my order. Finally he made a cappuccino with milk froth and asked me how to serve the whipped cream.

He should have asked earlier, this way I had to mix the whipped cream and the milk froth.

Rate: 2 STAR

How to make cappuccino viennese

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