Indian breakfast at Chutney Mary, London


On a Friday morning I decided to have an indian breakfast in central London.

The restaurant opened it’s gates in  last June in 2015.

The bar and breakfast section is the first what you see when entering the restaurant.

We were showed to a two seated table. The table and the Indian style armchairs were not as tall as normal restaurant tables. The furniture was comfortable and elegantly arranged, the style of the enterior was real Indian.

I ordered what our waiter recommended.

Dosa with aloo bhaji


At first sight I thought this was a burned crêpes.

Checking the net for dosa recipes, the feeling, that I was given a nearly “carbonised” piece of crêpes became stronger.

We had aloo bhaji (spicy potato) on the side, because I don’t eat potato. The plain dosa was rubbed with cilantro and garlic paste.

I had a small piece of dosa with mint and tomato chutney.

They charge £ 12.0 for one.  The price is very far from quality! Very, very far!

Bombay kejriwal

Mr. Eggs Kejriwal is real person. This recipe, Eggs Kejriwal was invented in Southern Mumbai at the Willingdon Club. Its an egg and chilli cheese sandwich.

It is a toast and a fried egg sprinkled with spicy green chillies for those who like spicy food.


The cheese on the toast had been melted ages before it was served, it was hard, when you know, a melted cheese gets hard again. Even in a McDonalds restaurant you can have better cheese than this. I  could have imagined this toast with a much better cheese, than that!

The fried egg was very hard, the yolk should have been runny. I like if I cut through the yolk and it runs down the sandwich.

To me this sandwich was forgettable, very forgettable when I compare the quality with the price.

They charge £ for 8.80 one.

2 stars out of five.

Akoori on toast

Akoori is an Indian scrambled eggs.

It was served on a slice of toast bread.


 I have had many types so far from barely-set to nearly-rubber.

This was rather barely set than set but soft. I like the latter.

It would have given a better feeling served on a slice of baguette, than a cheap toast bread which was soaked by the egg.

They charge £ 9.50 for one.

2 stars out of five.

Masala chai and

Watermelon juice.

To summarize my experience in this restaurant; to this elegant, high end restaurant a more sophisticated breakfast menu would have matched much more.

Here I give some ideas of sophisticated breakfast.  Here>>

The contrast between the elegant environment and the two star food is significant.



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