Egg tagliatelle salad with asparagus and grana padano (Omelette noodles salad)


Protein and vegetable salad, which is very quick to make.

For one person this meal should contain 20 g protein which comes from 2-3 eggs.

With a little extra greens and crispy bread or grain this may be a balanced 50-30-20 % meal.

If you want to add a little extra more protein, add cooked ham slices, or for more crispiness, or simply to have a little more carbohydrates on your plate, add croutons, or crispy nachos, or potato chips.


2-3 eggs per person

Oil to fry

Herbs (chopped basil)

Salt and black pepper

1 tbsp grated hard cheese

Onion, chopped

Garlic clove, chopped

Asparagus, blanched, cut into one inch pieces

Little gems, sliced

Cherry tomatoes, halved

French dressing

Salt and black pepper


Prepare the frits . Wash the basil leaves, gently dry and cut half with their hands. Place eggs in a bowl with chopped parsley, a portion of broken basil leaves, parmesan cheese, salt and pepper. I kiss the pan with a veal of oil, heat it on medium heat, pour some of the mixture, enough to get a thin frittata. Let it cook for 2-3 minutes and turn the frittatina, helping with the lid or another frying pan of the same size. Cook the fritz for 2-3 minutes even on this side. Prepare other fries the same way, until all the compound is exhausted.

Make the noodles. Let the frits cool. Rounded, one at a time, and striped cut, so as to obtain 1 cm “noodles”.

Make the salad. Blanche the asparagus in salted water. Cut the little gems and fennel bulb to slices. Cut the cherry tomatoes half. Mix the salad ingredients, season with salt, black pepper and sprinkle with french dressing. When the “noodles” is cool fold carefully in the salad mixture.



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