Eat to beat diabetes and fat

I found an article with the same title here.

Very interesting.

To compare with what I’m doing to burn fat it is very helpful.

To burn fat you must cut carbs reasonably.

In this article Dr.  Michael Mosley suggests 800 calories a day.

I use 1200 calories a day which without visiting the gym frequently gives a slow result in burning fat.

OK, from today onward I will try a 800 calories per day lifestyle.

Let’s calculate in calories.

Daily energy input:  800 cal

From protein 50%: 400 cal

From carbs and fibres 30%: 240 cal

From fats 20%: 160 cal

Now recalculate in grams.

Protein: 100 g

Carbs: 60 g

Fats: 30 g

How to divide between meals?

Evenly! 1/3-1/3-1/3

Protein: 33 g- 33 g-33 g

Carbs: 20-20-20 g

Fats: 10-10-10 g

Reading Dr. Michael Mosley’s meal plan  its a little light in proteins I think.

I would use 50% protein in my meal plan to avoid hunger.

And I will use protein shake as well.

But gives inspirations.

In weekdays when I’m lazy to prepare breakfast I will use protein shake.

Saturday and sunday will be the days to caress myself with homemade breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Next step to set up a 800 calories meal plan.

You can find it here.

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