Dinner at the 4* DoubleTree, Hilton, Holborn, London


I found this offer for two at Groupon.

Although I am at war with fat in my body, it doesn’t mean I have to eat plain chicken breast and rice at home.

I am not a body builder and this is not a frustrating fat burning week or two.

This is a normal fit life style of a man in his early sixties in which I burn fat and enjoy eating at home and out.

I carefully choose what I afford to eat.

Arriving I chose a table from where I could view the whole restaurant.

For starter I ordered a Tomato mozzarella salad with wild rocket and pesto sauce.


The tomato was ripe and good. The rocket was a little wilted. I like it to be tossed with the dressing, I don’t like to bother with coating the lettuce with the dressing on my plate.

The dressing was made with yellow mustard seeds. It was creamy. The cheese and the tomato slices were seasoned with salt and black pepper.

I didn’t see pesto either green or red. They probably put only a little amount to the dressing.

For the main dish I ordered Roast chicken supreme served with sautéed mushrooms, chive mash green beans and a grain mustard jus.


The chicken was roasted in its skin, served with mushroom sauce. The carrot and the green beans were seasoned, they weren’t soft, they had a bite.

I left the mash untached because it is not friendly when you burn fat.

The dessert was s lemon creme brulée. The lemon cream could have been a little more lemony. Because it f its high sugar content I just had one teaspoon.



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