Coffee and cake at the Hilton Waldorf

Having got tired in a walk in the Aldwych area in London I decided to have a coffee and a cake at the 200 years old Hilton Waldorf.

I found a free table in the lounge for us.

I sank into the big armchair.

The waitress came within minutes.


I ordered a cappuccino with whipped cream. To me the real cappuccino is the Wiener kapuziner, and it is served with whipped cream.

The waitress said they didn’t have whipped cream, they could make it with only milk froth.

If somebody has ever tasted the Wiener kapuziner, never wants to drink cappuccino with milk froth.

It’s a pity that baristas in such a big name like Hilton Waldorf don’t have whipped cream in their fridge.

Finally whipped cream quenelles arrived from the kitchen, and we could enjoy our favourite coffee.

Chocolate mousse

It was a nice soft mousse, built on a sponge base. Dessert chefs often prepare very hard mousses and they think it is perfect. Well, this mousse was almost perfect.

The sponge was soaked, nevertheless I was unable to find out the flavour. It didn’t have coffee flavor, probably it was soaked by the mouse over it.


The ganache was soft and bitter, because of the bitter chocolate.

I liked it, I will reproduce it and I will soak the sponge in lightly sweetened coffee syrup. Or I will use the orange chocolate syrup I prepared to one of my tiramisu recipes.

I give 4 stars for this mousse.

Banana split


I have never tasted this sweet to be honest.

I don’t like hard banana, and this banana was hard. I expected to have it dropped on my trousers while I tried to cut it with my dessert spoon.

I think if the banana is hard and not sweet enough (in England it happens every day), we should caramelise and toss in desiccated coconut  or almond crumbs. This gives crunchiness as well.

Frying, or grilling any fruit makes them sweeter. And when your banana is perfect you can place the ice cream scoops.

Sweet and crunchy and cold. Cool!

In summary this banana split was not perfect.

Although I didn’t leave even a morsel on my plate.

I give 3 stars for this dessert.

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