Christmas pavlova

Christmas star pavlova


This is a pavlova sandwich with chocolate mousse and mixed red berries.

Draw a David star on a baking parchment paper.


400 g egg white

400 g sugar

2 tbsp corn flour

2 tsp  vinegar

For the chocolate mousse

200 g Dark chocolate

500 ml whipping  cream

For the berries

500 g mixed berries

2 tbsp sugar

50 ml brandy


300 ml sweet whipping cream

Brandy to your liking

Heat the oven to 170 C°.  Prepare the meringue. Turn down the oven to 140 C°. Bake it or dry it at 140 C° for approximately  50 minutes.

Switch off the oven at leave the oven door ajar. Make the mousse.

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