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Asparagus risotto

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Falafel hummus platter

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Aubergine quiche with potato daphnoise and semolina fingers

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Crepes hungarian style


Sweet crepes


Mixed berries

Chocolate sauce


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Improved TESCO lamb & liver


Remember that earlier I posted a review on TESCO lamb &  liver. Now I bought a portion and tried improve it.

On little oil fry streaky bacon rashes until they become red, remove.

On their fat fry one sliced Onion u till its caramelised. Add one tbsp tomato paste and one cube beef stock.

Add the onion gravy from the TESCO package,  stir and simmer. Season with salt and black pepper.

In the meantime fast-fry the lamb liver in a griddle pan, just to make it hot. Season with black pepper. ONLY A FEW MINUTES!

Put the liver and BACON back into the gravy and bring to the boil. Check the seasoning,  correct if you think you have to.

Serve on linguini garnish with sour cream.


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Chicken breast a’la milanese with cheese sauce


II llike  to prepare chicken breast this way.

It fits into my daily diet.  It has lots of protein a little carbs and little fat.

This time I prepared ASDA cheese sauce for it. With vegetables or salads it’s  great meal for dieters and fat burners. To make it crisper I mixed the breadcrumbs with corn flakes crumbs.

I pound it slightly in order to have an even thickness and marinate in flavoured oil.



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This Chocolate Dessert will make your guests say “WOW” to you

Chocolate Dessert For Holiday

This Chocolate Dessert will make your guests say "WOW" to you 😉

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Is it not posh to drink sweet wine?


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I love Turkish food!

Turkish Food

WOW… Turkish Food 😍 Love This Kebab 🤤Credit:tadimnotlari (

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Salty savoury spinach protein drink

For those who don’t like sweet protein drinks.

It’s good after a meal to increase your protein load, or for a snack.


4 egg whites

50 ml milk

1-2 tbsp spinach purée

3-4 tbsp coconut cream


Chili paste or Cajun spice mixture




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