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Here I will compose restaurant reviews

Dinner at Hartsfield manor

Hartsfield Manor


This wonderful place is situated in a Victorian manor house.

Surrounded by 16 acres of Surrey countryside, Hartsfield Manor is a four-star Victorian property boasting elegant interiors and a garden terrace.

I had a romantic dinner here. The menu was as follows.

Starter: chicken liver pate with toast bread fingers and red onion jam. Well,  the toast was nice crispy outside and soft inside,  a perfect thing. The pate was a little dull,  I would have made it a little spicier with something, for example green peppers.  And would have cooked the red onion jam a little longer with a little more honey and balsamic vinegar.  The lettuce was flavourless,  I would’ve used a little dressing on it.

Chicken liver pate

My chicken liver pate  recipe

The main course  

Chicken breast supreme wrapped in bacon with red wine jus

Chicken breast supreme wrapped in bacon

You may think that this was a simple  chicken breast. But no.  It was full of flavours from the bacon and spices like salt and black pepper.  It was tender at the same time.  The vegetables were cooked with simple spices like salt a black pepper,  minimum.  Unlike similar dishes in London hotels vegetables were flavourful.

Third course was warm chocolate browney with vanilla ice cream.

Warm chocolate browney with vanilla ice cream

I’ve never heard about warm browney,  you can have cold and a kind of hard browneys in coffee shops. I always considered them forgettable. But not this one.

I lliked the warm chocolatey flavour with the cold vanilla ice cream splashed over with chocolate sauce.

If I have to summarize the menu,  I would say it had an outstanding quality.

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Pan fried salmon with lemon and dill sauce

I visited the Regency Park Hotel for dinner.

Among the main courses I liked

Pan fried salmon with lemon and dill sauce

Confit  duck leg

I chose the salmon this time.

It was served with parsley potatoes and steamed mixed vegetables and lemon sauce.

The say e was lemony which I liked,  the salmon was served without skin,  and the veggies were a little hard to bite.

The way I like it.

I had Australian chardonnay with this meal.

It was a very tasty dinner.

This salmon may go well with steamed asparagus,  green beans as well.

More healthy side dishes here

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Lunch at The Shaven Crown

Lunch at The Shaven Crown, in Cotswolds.

The Shaven Crown is a 700 years old Inn, founded by monks.

A beautiful scene for a lunch.

The Grand Hall

It was a very nice three course meal.

1 at course: Bisque


2nd course: Rabbit and chicken terrine with pear chutney

3rd course: Guinea Fowl Breast with Huggies & Pork Stuffing

4th course: Christmas Pudding and Frangipane Tart with Brandy Sauce

Christmas pudding frangipane tart with brandy sauce

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Top 100 restaurants of the world in 2016


The new list of the best restaurants in the world by Elite Traveller has been published!

There are five restaurants on the list from London:

# 13 Dinner by Heston Blumenthal

# 18 Restaurant Gordon Ramsay

# 22 Ledbury

# 90 Amaya

# 95 La Gavroche

Congratulations to all of them!

It makes me extraordinarily proud, that I have been  part of this success in the # 90 Amaya Restaurant for six years.

You can find the whole list here

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Teriyaki salmon with

Beetroot and green salad with balsamic dressing


The salmon was baked or poached (?) in teriyaki sauce. The flavour was sweet and vinegary.

The salmon was soft, flaked. The salad which consisted of beetroot, kale, asparagus, sliced radish was balanced (oil, acids and sugar). The dressing was a balsamic vinegar flavoured dressing.

Beside the salmon piece you can see a few tablespoonful of sliced warm zucchini.

My teriyaki sauce



My favourite is this vanilla cream filled dessert.

But you have to be careful with this dessert in patissierie shop.

The millefeuille pastry might be soaked by the cream, if the cream is not firm enough.

In this cake, the cream had a nice flavour combined with berries, but the pastry was soaked.

And when the pastry is soaked, you cannot cut it nicely; it will smear you plate.

The cream in my millefeuille is much firmer and the pastry remains crispy and can be easily cut.

In summary I liked what I had.

Thank you.

My millefeuille


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Indian breakfast at Chutney Mary, London


On a Friday morning I decided to have an indian breakfast in central London.

The restaurant opened it’s gates in  last June in 2015.

The bar and breakfast section is the first what you see when entering the restaurant.

We were showed to a two seated table. The table and the Indian style armchairs were not as tall as normal restaurant tables. The furniture was comfortable and elegantly arranged, the style of the enterior was real Indian.

I ordered what our waiter recommended.

Dosa with aloo bhaji


At first sight I thought this was a burned crêpes.

Checking the net for dosa recipes, the feeling, that I was given a nearly “carbonised” piece of crêpes became stronger.

We had aloo bhaji (spicy potato) on the side, because I don’t eat potato. The plain dosa was rubbed with cilantro and garlic paste.

I had a small piece of dosa with mint and tomato chutney.

They charge £ 12.0 for one.  The price is very far from quality! Very, very far!

Bombay kejriwal

Mr. Eggs Kejriwal is real person. This recipe, Eggs Kejriwal was invented in Southern Mumbai at the Willingdon Club. Its an egg and chilli cheese sandwich.

It is a toast and a fried egg sprinkled with spicy green chillies for those who like spicy food.


The cheese on the toast had been melted ages before it was served, it was hard, when you know, a melted cheese gets hard again. Even in a McDonalds restaurant you can have better cheese than this. I  could have imagined this toast with a much better cheese, than that!

The fried egg was very hard, the yolk should have been runny. I like if I cut through the yolk and it runs down the sandwich.

To me this sandwich was forgettable, very forgettable when I compare the quality with the price.

They charge £ for 8.80 one.

2 stars out of five.

Akoori on toast

Akoori is an Indian scrambled eggs.

It was served on a slice of toast bread.


 I have had many types so far from barely-set to nearly-rubber.

This was rather barely set than set but soft. I like the latter.

It would have given a better feeling served on a slice of baguette, than a cheap toast bread which was soaked by the egg.

They charge £ 9.50 for one.

2 stars out of five.

Masala chai and

Watermelon juice.

To summarize my experience in this restaurant; to this elegant, high end restaurant a more sophisticated breakfast menu would have matched much more.

Here I give some ideas of sophisticated breakfast.  Here>>

The contrast between the elegant environment and the two star food is significant.



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Coffee and cake at the Hilton Waldorf

Having got tired in a walk in the Aldwych area in London I decided to have a coffee and a cake at the 200 years old Hilton Waldorf.

I found a free table in the lounge for us.

I sank into the big armchair.

The waitress came within minutes.


I ordered a cappuccino with whipped cream. To me the real cappuccino is the Wiener kapuziner, and it is served with whipped cream.

The waitress said they didn’t have whipped cream, they could make it with only milk froth.

If somebody has ever tasted the Wiener kapuziner, never wants to drink cappuccino with milk froth.

It’s a pity that baristas in such a big name like Hilton Waldorf don’t have whipped cream in their fridge.

Finally whipped cream quenelles arrived from the kitchen, and we could enjoy our favourite coffee.

Chocolate mousse

It was a nice soft mousse, built on a sponge base. Dessert chefs often prepare very hard mousses and they think it is perfect. Well, this mousse was almost perfect.

The sponge was soaked, nevertheless I was unable to find out the flavour. It didn’t have coffee flavor, probably it was soaked by the mouse over it.


The ganache was soft and bitter, because of the bitter chocolate.

I liked it, I will reproduce it and I will soak the sponge in lightly sweetened coffee syrup. Or I will use the orange chocolate syrup I prepared to one of my tiramisu recipes.

I give 4 stars for this mousse.

Banana split


I have never tasted this sweet to be honest.

I don’t like hard banana, and this banana was hard. I expected to have it dropped on my trousers while I tried to cut it with my dessert spoon.

I think if the banana is hard and not sweet enough (in England it happens every day), we should caramelise and toss in desiccated coconut  or almond crumbs. This gives crunchiness as well.

Frying, or grilling any fruit makes them sweeter. And when your banana is perfect you can place the ice cream scoops.

Sweet and crunchy and cold. Cool!

In summary this banana split was not perfect.

Although I didn’t leave even a morsel on my plate.

I give 3 stars for this dessert.

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Lunch in the Amaya restaurant, London

Amaya, the best Indian restaurant of the world.


On one Sunday I had my lunch in the best Indian restaurant in the world.

1st course: Mandarin and goat cheese salad

Rocket lettuce in radicchio boat tossed in balsamic dressing, topped with goat’s cheese and mandarin slices, splashed with the same dressing.

Beautiful salad, sweet starter. Because it’s syrupiness I chose sweet prosecco from the menu.

The dressing was made from balsamic vinegar, it’s sweetness let me the only choice, something sweet.

Most people think that it is blasphemy to drink  sweet wine with other meals than desserts.

Sophistication equals dryness is the prevailing belief.

In my opinion sophistication means choosing the right wine with the right food.

The truth is, that spicy food requires spicy wine, sweet food requires sweet wine.

2nd course: Scallops in coconut ginger sauce

This dish arrived in its shells. The scallop sat in the middle of a green coconut flavoured sauce. The scallops were prepared on hotplate, nicely seared, soft inside. It was perfectly cooked, soft, not chewy at all.

The sauce flavour and the same sweet prosecco played well together.

3rd course: lobster in makhni sauce

The dish arrived in its own shells.


This is a very elegant dish! Its price is elegant too!!

I used to say when I bought my first Mercedes Benz, that if you have a car like this, don’t cry over the bill of petrol.

The shells was cooked under bell on the hotplate. The flesh was cooked seperately with tomato sauce and mayonnaise.

This dish was as sweet as all the dishes we had, so I saw no reason to change my drink. The bubbly sweet prosecco was a good escort to this dish as well. I would have liked to try another sweet or semi sweet wine, but there was only one dessert sweet wine on the menu. Because of the bubbliness of the prosecco I didn’t change.

4nd course: chocolate box

This chocolate mousse square comes with raspberry coulis in its centre.

The bittersweet chocolate mousse and the slightly bitter raspberry coulis go well together.

It was served with raspberry marshmallow on top. To me the Drambuie flavoured rabiri fell far from the chocolate and raspberry flavours. The less would have been more  on the plate and the huge caramel piece on the shot glass was blasphemy.

De gustibus non est disputandum!

To summarize, the lunch was excellent, smoking a chocolate flavoured cigar made the lunch a perfect event of the day.

Highly recommended!


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Dinner at the 4* DoubleTree, Hilton, Holborn, London


I found this offer for two at Groupon.

Although I am at war with fat in my body, it doesn’t mean I have to eat plain chicken breast and rice at home.

I am not a body builder and this is not a frustrating fat burning week or two.

This is a normal fit life style of a man in his early sixties in which I burn fat and enjoy eating at home and out.

I carefully choose what I afford to eat.

Arriving I chose a table from where I could view the whole restaurant.

For starter I ordered a Tomato mozzarella salad with wild rocket and pesto sauce.


The tomato was ripe and good. The rocket was a little wilted. I like it to be tossed with the dressing, I don’t like to bother with coating the lettuce with the dressing on my plate.

The dressing was made with yellow mustard seeds. It was creamy. The cheese and the tomato slices were seasoned with salt and black pepper.

I didn’t see pesto either green or red. They probably put only a little amount to the dressing.

For the main dish I ordered Roast chicken supreme served with sautéed mushrooms, chive mash green beans and a grain mustard jus.


The chicken was roasted in its skin, served with mushroom sauce. The carrot and the green beans were seasoned, they weren’t soft, they had a bite.

I left the mash untached because it is not friendly when you burn fat.

The dessert was s lemon creme brulée. The lemon cream could have been a little more lemony. Because it f its high sugar content I just had one teaspoon.



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Veereswamy dinner, London, April, 2016

A dinner at Veeraswamy, the oldest restaurant in London, close to Piccadilly.

I like this place. It’s quiet, elegant.

This was the eleventh time I was there, I didn’t expect anything new and different.

We had no sooner taken our seats, and were deeply in a conversation, then we were contacted by the waiter. I asked him a little time to find our place in our seats.

In five minutes two other waiters came to our table asking if we are OK.

I don’t know who had trained these people, but obviously they didn’t see that the customer, we, were in a conversation and we didn’t intend to read the menu card we were given.

At last, getting tired of being disturbed, we decided to take the menu card into our hands.

My dinner partner lives a very conscious way of life, so it took pretty long to discuss what we wanted to eat.

Another waiter came, asking if we wanted any wine.

I like to enjoy wine with what I eat, so I asked for a little time to pick our choice.

At last we made our choice.

I ordered a starter and a main.


  • Raj kachori

Regal street food, large wheat puri filled with goodies, splashed with chutneys.

This is sweet dish, thank to the sweet chutneys they splash it with.

  • Coronation chicken salad

With mango mayonnaise. Inspired by the empire.

Rukola, chicken slices curcuma. Mango -sour pieces, little gem

I asked the waiter if he could recommend a wine to our starter.

Wine offer: New Zeeland Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling from Germany

Let’s make a stop here to talk about food wine combination first.

The Raj Kachori chutneys are significantly sweet. Because of it’s significant sweetness, it is hard to find wine which matches this dish.

If your palate is sweet from the food, and if you drink the bad wine, it will turn your face sour. I don’t like sour face.

I thought that the Riesling would no way make a good match, maybe the New Zeeland had the chance to match the Coronation chicken, but not the Raj Kachori.

I tasted both wines, and I was right. The riesling was too dry to even the Coronation, the New Zeeland because of it came from a hot climate was better to the salad. The Raj Kachori cried for something sweet, a coca cola or sweet lassi, but was eaten with a glass of white water.

I was given 175 ml wine to my salad. Well, it is a great quantity to drink with a simple salad. I like to enjoy wine with the food, but I don’t drink like a horse.

Main: Chicken makhni

Chicken thighs in Delhi style sauce, tomato

The makhni sauce was slightly sweet, probably they used honey.

Wine offer: Shiraz, Cabernet sauvignon

I tried both wines, negative, very negative. I had more than half of my wine in my glass, the New Zeeland, so I had it with the food. It was not the best match, although it was much better than the recommended reds.

I don’t really like Indian desserts, so I asked for the bill and left to have a walk in the mild evening on the Regent street.

I feel always deceived in an Indian restaurant, because of the wine. If I could, I would choose a good match from Hungarian wines and not necessarily from the Tokaj region.

From the restaurant’s wine list I usually choose a Gewürztraminer, it is the best match. (Spicy food-spicy wine)

Today I tried a new wine, it was not the best choice, compared to the Gewürtztraminer I had had earlier.





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