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Coffee with baileys cream, a pharisee coffee


This pharisee coffee is made with Baileys Irish cream.

You ccan read the true story of this kind of drink here.

Double espresso with honey and a splash  of Baileys,  topped with whipped cream. Finish it with a splash of baileys,  caramel sauce and dust  with cinnamon.

Serve with home made cinnamon rolls.

This will make your day,  you will have a nice morning start.

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Apple cream cheese braided puff pastry pie


I like apple filling. Last weekend I visited South-End-On-Sea with my son.

I have never seen as many fish &chips shops as there!

We found a tiny bakery shop run by two sweet elder woman where we tried three sweet items, an Eccles cake, an apple pie and a sweet scone-shaped thing, I don’t remember what it’s name was.

That apple pie gave the idea to prepare something apple.

The outcome of my attempt is this this braided  puff pastry apple pie.

I made a custard with the prosecco in which I made the apple compote and folded the compote in it. That’s the filling.

You can make this with pears as well if you don’t like apples.


1 sheet puff pastry

150 g cream cheese

2 granny smith apples peeled and cut to small pieces

3 cm piece of cinnamon

4-5 cloves

1/2 lemon

200 ml sweet prosecco or sweet wine (moscato is the best)

3 tbsp sugar

1 pack vanilla custard powder ( cca. 60 g)

1 pack vanilla sugar


Peel and cut the apples to small pieces. In a pot cover the apple pieces with prosecco, add sugar and whole spices.

Cook, until it’s tender. Strain the apple filling.

Put the prosecco back to the heat, add vanilla sugar. Mix the custard powder with a little water add to the hot prosecco. Cook thick cream.

When the cream is cold, mix with the apple pieces.

Place the puff pastry in a long tray. Spread the cream cheese on the bottom of the pastry. Arrange the apple filling on the top.

Cut the two sides of the pastry to strips and  fold them over the filling.

Bake the cake at 180 C° for 25 minutes.


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