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Grilled halloumi with watermelon salad

The Flavours of the Mediterranean in September?


Cheese and fruits, salty and sweet always go hand in hand together.

Grilled halloumi with watermelon salad is an excellent dish for lunch or dinner.


Halloumi cheese cut to finger pieces

Salt and black pepper

Oil to fry

Watermelon, diced

Cherry tomatoes, halved

Seedless red grapes, halved

Figs, cut to bite sized pieces

Dates, quartered

3 tbsp balsamic vinaigrette dressing


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Little chef’s camping lunch

Do you think you deserve a nice lunch even when you’re tenting?

I’m sure I do deserve.

On a September weekend on the Piddinghoe lake I made this lunch.

Very fast, and delicious.


100-150 g chicken breast fillets

2 sachets of noodles spice mixture

Oil to fry

1/4 iceberg lettuce cut to bite size pieces

2 tbsp salad dressing

salt and black pepper


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Associations of fats and carbohydrate intake with cardiovascular disease and mortality in 18 countries from five continents (PURE): a prospective cohort study

Low-fat diet increases the risk of obesity.


What will happen to those low-fat, zero fat items on the shelves of retailers?

Lots of studies show that eating protein heavy meals is healthier.

And that fat is not unhealthy.

I read in an article, that when prehistoric people swapped to protein rich diet from picking plants and seeds, they saved a lot of time to think and use their imagination.

That’s why I live on my 50-30-20 rule.

I chose this because of my weight.

If I were lighter I could use the 40-40-20 or 40-30-30 rule.

That’s why I prepare sweets, desserts from rather fatty ingredients, like egg yolks when i make custard.

I make custard from egg yolks, rather than from corn flour.

Read this article here.

In Hungarian language here

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Spinach and minced chicken breast

This is a healthy, Indian inspired dish for fitness people, who live on protein rich food.

The minced chicken breast gives the protein, the spinach gives iron and vitamins.


400 g minced chicken breast

200 g spinach paste

2 tbsp chopped onion

1-2 tbsp chopped garlic

1-2 tbsp tomato paste


Red chilli powder

Indian spices like garam masala


I usually cook the minced chicken well in advance. I keep it in the freezer in smaller boxes.

I can make chicken jalfrezi if I want.

To prepare the dish. On a little oil fry the chopped onion until translucent.

Add garlic and thyme, then the minced chicken. Fry dry for a little while.

Add the spinach, and season with the spices and cook until the spices get cooked.

Add 2-3 tbsp tomato paste, cook for a minute or so and it’s ready.


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Savoury spinach with hard boiled eggs


A fast lunch for those who live a fitness life.

Or for those who fight against fat.

Simple and healthy.

You will need

Savoury spinach recipe here

Hard boiled eggs.

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