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Chicken piccata in savoury bacon and gherkin sauce


Chicken breast fillets

Flour to dust

Salt and black pepper

Oil to fry

Diced bacon

Chopped onion


Tomato paste

Chicken bouillon plus 200 ml water

Diced gherkins

Mixed herbs

Salt and black pepper


On a little oil fry diced bacon.

When it turns a little red,  add chopped onion and stir fry until it becomes translucent. Add one or two teaspoons of flour and fry. Add one tablespoon tomato purée and one chicken stock cube and 200 ml warm water. Boil. Add mixed herbs like marjoram,  thyme, Provence herbs,  salt and black pepper. Simmer on medium temperature.

In the meantime cut chicken breast in two thin fillets.  Season with salt and black pepper. Dust with flour and fry on one tablespoon of oil for two minutes on both sides. Add to the sauce and simmer for ten minutes under cover.

Season with hot sauce if you like hot flavours. Add chopped gherkins. Finish with one tablespoon of yoghurt or sour cream. Bring to the boil and serve.

The chicken will be render,  the sauce a little hot and sour from the gherkins.

I like it,  I hope you will love it too.

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Duck escalopes in sauce bigarade

Continue reading Duck escalopes in sauce bigarade

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Dinner at the White House


05 March 2018.

A dinner in the White House with President Donald Trump.

I will reproduce one by one.

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Peach flaugnarde with advocaat custard cream

This fruity sweet with advocaat custard is scrumptious.

Lots of fruits with just a little batter.


1 can sliced peach

1 sachet custard powder

425 ml boiling milk

50 ml advocaat

100 g flour

200 ml milk

4 eggs

Sugar to your liking


I used this silicon mould. Place iit on a Hest resistant baking tray. Sprinkle with cooking oil and dust it with flour.

Spoon a little batter on the bottom  of every hollow and top with the sliced peach.

Pour over the batter to fill up the hollows.

Bake at 200 C° for 15-25 minutes.

Let it cool on a rack.

Help the little portions out of the hollows with a tablespoon. Arrange oon a tray and keep it the fridge until serving.

When serve,  cover it with cling film and microwave it for two minutes.

Prepare the custard due to the instructions on the package.

Stir in advocaat.

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Improved TESCO lamb & liver


Remember that earlier I posted a review on TESCO lamb &  liver. Now I bought a portion and tried improve it.

On little oil fry streaky bacon rashes until they become red, remove.

On their fat fry one sliced Onion u till its caramelised. Add one tbsp tomato paste and one cube beef stock.

Add the onion gravy from the TESCO package,  stir and simmer. Season with salt and black pepper.

In the meantime fast-fry the lamb liver in a griddle pan, just to make it hot. Season with black pepper. ONLY A FEW MINUTES!

Put the liver and BACON back into the gravy and bring to the boil. Check the seasoning,  correct if you think you have to.

Serve on linguini garnish with sour cream.


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Tesco lamb liver & bacon

I tried the TESCO liver & bacon. I prepared as it was written on the package.

I served on linguini.

What did I get?

The lliver was nice tender.

The sauce was terribly flavourless.

I’m sorry to say that it was terribly flavourless,  but that’s the truth.

I missed not only salt and pepper,  but flavours. I ddidn’t find traces of bacon flavour as well. It was rather sweet than flavoured.

Next time I will try to give flavours to this,  I have ideas.

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Chicken piccata in cheesy parsley sauce

Chicken piccata in cheesy parsley sauce

The good old chicken breast in a ready to use parsley sauce with linguini.


1 pckt Lidl parsley sauce

Salt and black pepper

Parmesan cheese

Chicken breast fillets

Garlic paste

French mustard

Salt and black pepper

Flour to dust

Oil to marinade

Oil to fry


Cut the chicken breast fillets to one-finger thick fillets.

Marinate in oil-garlic paste-salt-black pepper marinade (rub the fillets in that mixture).

Normally I keep the fillets rubbed with this marinade in a plastic box in the fridge.

With the back of a teaspoon spread French mustard on one side. Dust with flour and fry on both sides for 2-3 minutes per side.

In the meantime open the packet into a bowl,  add the desired amount of milk and the same amount of water to the sauce mixture. When the fillets have a little colour remove from the oil.

Discard the oil and pour the sauce mixture into the pan and bring to the boil.

Season with salt and black pepper.

At this point add the fillets and simmer for 10 minutes.

In the meantime cook the linguini.

Remove the fillets from the sauce (keep warm) ,  add the parmesan and simmer until it thickens. Add the pasta to the sauce.

Serve piping hot with the fillets on top of the pasta.

Garnish with chopped parsley.




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Coffee with baileys cream, a pharisee coffee


This pharisee coffee is made with Baileys Irish cream.

You ccan read the true story of this kind of drink here.

Double espresso with honey and a splash  of Baileys,  topped with whipped cream. Finish it with a splash of baileys,  caramel sauce and dust  with cinnamon.

Serve with home made cinnamon rolls.

This will make your day,  you will have a nice morning start.

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Chicken breast a’la milanese with black pepper sauce

To continue chicken main recipes for my protein diet,  I combined the breaded chicken with black pepper sauce.

The sauce I prepared is a Lidl from the shelf product. I thought I would try it with chicken breast. The sauce had a fairly nice flavour,  I didn’t have to add anything. It was mildly pungent and made the chicken’s flavour better.

Good choice.

I had green leaf salad: iceberg  with baby Spinach and a glass of gewurtztraminer.

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Chicken breast a’la milanese with cheese sauce


II llike  to prepare chicken breast this way.

It fits into my daily diet.  It has lots of protein a little carbs and little fat.

This time I prepared ASDA cheese sauce for it. With vegetables or salads it’s  great meal for dieters and fat burners. To make it crisper I mixed the breadcrumbs with corn flakes crumbs.

I pound it slightly in order to have an even thickness and marinate in flavoured oil.



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