About my motivations

What are my objectives?

I cannot live without doing something creative.

I cannot live without learning new things and have new experiences.

The best way to do things better is learning and developing ourselves.

I would like to taste really great dishes and would like to try to make them at home and share my experiences with my readers.

I am fifty plus of age and I try to live a health concious life.

How to keep my body fit?

I am looking for ideas for silver people.

How to do sports, which sports are good to elder people?

People are willing to forget about their bodies. They got overweight and to lose fat is not a girl’s dream.

I decided not to do diets but build a new, health concious life style.

I work on healty and fitness meals which may give me the joy of eating and help me reach my overall goals; to burn fat.

If you like what I want to do, come with me.


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